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Chevelle — Wonder What's Next bass tabs

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Artist: Chevelle
Song: Wonder Whats Next
Album: Wonder Whats Next
Tuning: Drop—B

everyone has chosen some strange tunings for Chevelle songs. As far as ive heard, the
first album was in drop—D, the second in B, and the newest is tuned all the way down to A.

h — hammer
p — pull


Rest until guitar drops out, then play:
E |————————————————————————————|
B |————————————————————————————|
B |——0h560h6p50h5—0h560h6p50h3—|


E |———————————————|*——————| * Last time only
B |———————————————|———————|
B |——33333—4p30h3—|*——00——|


E |————————————————|
B |————————————————|
B |——00—————19—00—|

Bridge: ("we play the blaming game...")

E |———————————|
B |———————————|
B |——33333————|

those are pretty much the main riffs of the song. sounds dead—on with a little overdrive.
email with any corrections.

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