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Chemical Brothers — Let Forever Be bass tabs

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Song:Let forever be
Artist:The chemical brothers
Tab by:Paul Simpson(paul_the_bass_guy@hotmail.com)

Well, I think the bass on this song was actually done by a computer program, but nevertheless
it is still capable of being played on a bass guitar.

I'm not going to go over the song structure, you'll just have to listen to a recording to
figure out when to stop and when to play and all that sort of stuff.

h = hammer on

A———————————————11h13———————11————————————— So just repeat this over and over
E———11———11———————————————————————————————— (hopefully your fingers won't get too tired!)
1 + (2) + a 3 e a (4) + a

and every now and then there is a slight key change:
D————————————————————11h13—————————11h13——— (play this twice)
1 + (2) + a 3 e a (4) + a

So yeah, overall an extremely simple yet extremely hard bass line to play well — the hardest
things are to just keep the timing precise throughout the song, and not get finger cramp.

Alright, have fun ;)

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