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Caron Alain — Radio Format bass tabs

Song: 		Radio Format
Artist: Alain Caron
Album: Call Me Al! (2000)
Tabbed by: Philippe Alexandre Clegg (phil25uk@hotmail.com)

This is a simple riff based track, with Caron keeping cool — no dramatic bass
runs. My transcription is for a 4—string bass, so some notes are an octave above
the record. I've only written the riffs out because they are just repeated over
and over. You won't find it too hard to find where the riff changes. Here you go

Riff A


Riff B

G———————————————|—————————————| G———————————————|—————————————|
D—————6/76—4———|—————————————| D—————5/65—3———|—————————————|
A—6———————————4—|—6———4—4—5—5—| A—6———————————4—|—6———4—4—5—5—|
E———————————————|—————————————| x3 then E———————————————|—————————————|

Keep thumpin'!

Taken from bigbasstabs.com —
Tablature player for this song:


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