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Bush — Jesus Online bass tabs

Song: Jesus Online
Artist: Bush
Album: The Science of Things
Tabbed by: L.A.

Once again Britrock stars Bush have gone beyond the conformity of modern
rock to bring us a fascinating and original bass line:


G|————————————————————| |———————————————————|
D|————————————————————| and |———————————————————| These two alternate sometimes, listen
A|————————————————————| |———————————————————| to the song to figure out when; chorus
E|——4—4/11—11—11—11/4—| |——4—4/7—7—7—7/4————| is the first one.

Interlude (now where else have we heard these notes...):


That's it. Any questions, complaints about my wonderfully sardonic comments,
LIVE or Incubus tabs: L_A_H@hotmail.com

Tablature player for this song:


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