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Boy Sets Fire — Compassion As Skull Fragments On bass tabs

Artist: Boy sets fire          II/2003
Song: (Compassion) as skull fragments on the wall
Album: After the eulogy (2000)
Tuning: Dropped d
Tabbed by: Bassic (Bonn/Germany)
Mail: [email protected]

/ = slide up

intro (0:04) 3x
G ——————————————————I
D ——————————————————I
A ————5————1111—0———I
D —320——03——————————I

intro — variation A (0:10) 1x
G ——————————————————I
D ——————————————————I
A ————5————1111—————I
D —320——03——————7—6—I

intro (0:14) 8x

verse (0:32) 6x
G ———————————————————————————I
D ———————————————————————————I
A ———————————————————————————I
D —0000——0000—————0000——0000—I

refrain (1:00)
G ————————————————————————————————————————————————————/2—2—3—3—I
D ——————————————/5—5553—3—3/5—5——————————————/55555555—————————I
A ——————/5—5—5—3—————————————————————/5—5—5—5——————————————————I
D —0—000————————————————————————0—000——————————————————————————I

verse (1:18) 4x
refrain (1:36) 2x

bridge (1:55)
G ——————————I
D ——————————I
A ——————————I
D —00———————I

tempo—part (2:04) (2:12)
G ——————————————————I I———————————————————I
D ——————————————————I I———————————————————I
A —————————————5555—I 4x I—3h555555555555555—I 4x
D —000000000000—————I I———————————————————I

G ——————————————————I
D ——————————————————I
A —5555555555555555—I 4x
D ——————————————————I

intro (2:30) 3x

intro — variation B (2:36)
G ———————————————————I
D ———————————————————I
A ————5————111—1—1—1—I
D —320——03———————————I

intro (2:39) 4x

Of course its not 100% perfect (especially the refrain), but so far
my interpretation sounds pretty good and shall only support your own ideas.

Feedback, replenishment & corrections welcome!!

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Boy Sets Fire - Compassion As Skull Fragments On Bass Tab


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