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Bob Marley — I Shot The Sheriff bass tabs

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———————————————————————————————————                             |      Bob Marley & The Wailers|
| "I Shot The Sheriff"|
| By: Garland Cross|
| |
| This tab may be used by anyone as |
| long as the header remains.|

This is an improvement on my odd tab its alot better
I got this straight from the written music so it should be correct. this version is as
heard on Legend.

You can listen were all the rests are I only wrote it in big gaps

I.1st,3rd and 4th Choruses(0:01,1:43,2:38)

I shot the sheriff but I didn't shoot no deputy Oh no oh
I shot the sheriff but I swear it was in self—defenseOoh ooh ooh

Four beats per Measure
Fig 1.restrest

rest restend Fig 1

II.1st,3rd,and 4th Verses (0:21,2:03,2:58)
All aroundin my'ometownthey
Freedom came my way one dayand I
flexes had the better of me and

Fig 2. rest rest

tryin to trackme downyeahThey
started out of town yeah
what is to be must beEvery
say they want to bring me in guilty for the
All of a sudden I saw Sheriff John Brown aimin'
day the bucket a—go a well
killing of a deputy For the life of a deputy
to shoot me down So I shot I shot I shot him
One day the bottom a—go drop out One day the bottom a—go
*end Fig. 2
2nd time skip to V. 3rd time skip to VI. *omit on 1st Verse
but I say Oh now now Oh
down and I say If I am
drop out I say I I
substitute Bass Fill 1 on 3rd and 4th verses ( see Below )
III.2nd Chorus(0:52)
I shot the shriff but I swear it was in self defense(Oh no) Oooh ooh(Yeah I said)
play Fig 1. twice

I shot the shriff I and they say it is a capital offense Ooh ooh ooh
(Oh Lord oh now) (Yeah Yeah Hear this)
IV. 2nd Verse (1:12)
Sheriff John Brown always 'ated me For what I don't Know Every
time I plant a seed he said kill it before it grows He said
play Fig 2.

kill them before they grow And so and so Read it in the news
bass fill 1———————————————————|
V.(2:33)go back to Fig 1 VI. Outro Chorus (3:29)play Fig 1 until fade
guity I will pay I shot the sheriff Lord I didn't shot the deputy no Yeah
I shot the sheriff but I didn't shoot no deputy Yeah So yeah

Thats it. Now that wasn't to hard
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