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Bloodhound Gang — The Ballad Of Chassey Lane bass tabs

Bloodhound Gang: The ballad of chasey lane
standard tuning:(E,A,D,G)
tabbed by:*freddy666*

^ ^ ^
(Repeat as many times as needed)
play the section marked with a ^ straight after hitting the 2nd frett
on A.
bare in mind that i've only had time to tab the main section of
the song,i would imagine that the section where he says "now show em
them t**y's" is just 0's, eg:

now thats only an examle you'd have to listen to the song proparly
to get the right amount of 0's if they are actually 0's, so don't go
mouthing off if it's wrong but please feel free to tell me:

[email protected]

by the way when your practicing a tab from an internet site and it
seems wrong thats not always the case. when some one listens to
one thing on CD and another listens to the same thing on a casset,
they will sound, some times minutley but more often than not
considderabley different. thats why some tabs seem to be wrong,
either that or they "are" wrong and some one's just waffling.oh yeah
the reason for the difference in sound is because of the different
speeds each are recorded at.(Vinyle,casset,CD,something from a Pc,
mostly all sound different from each other, not always with PC
though that just depends on the source of the audio file)

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Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chassey Lane Bass Tab


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