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Bass Lessons — Clim The Neck - Strength & Dexterity Training bass tabs

This is something that I do as both a warm up exercise
and a "drill" to increase my finger strength, dexterity,
and familiarity with notes on the neck. It's quick and
easy, and is applicable at most all skill levels.

The key to doing this exercise is use all FOUR of your
fingers on your left hand (or, if you are left handed,
your right hand——either way, the hand you hold the neck
with). For the first part, start with your index finger
on the E string, and end up with your pinky on the G
string. For the second part, you will play this with
your index finger on the G string and your pinky finger
on the E string.



Take your time the first few times through. Then play
it faster. Remember to try to hold keep your fingers
in position on the neck so they support each other;
if you are cramping up your fingers doing this, your
body is sending you a message, your not using your
fingers correctly. So again, use your fingers to
support each other (ie have at least one other finger
on the neck, holding down/ready to play a note) and
try to do what feels natural.

When you feel you've got this down, combine the two.
Again, start slow, give it a few reps all the way
through, and make sure your not cramping up your



That's all there is to it: run through this until you feel
that you've mastered the concept, you've got your timing
down, you can hold down the E string with your pinky no
problem, and you've trained your fingers to work together.

Now, pick out another tab from there that you haven't been
comfortable with before——you should notice a difference if
you have donw this correctly!

Good Luck!

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Clim The Neck - Strength & Dexterity Training Bass Tab


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