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Bass Lesson — Adjusting the intonation on your bass bass tabs

(submitted by just3boyz)
This is not a tab,
however this will tell you how to adjust the intonation on the Bass.

Intonation is essentially pitch accuracy.
A singer with perfect intonation would never be out of tune.
The same thing goes for a fretless bassist and other fretless instruments.

You may not realize this but fretted instruments,
though they have frets, can develope (or already have) poor intonation.
Several factors including the position of the bridge,
the depth of string slots in the nut, (haha...nut)
the position of the frets and even a players technique can cause bad intonation.

If you're noticing that your bass is sounding out of tune,
you're gonna want to fix this porblem.

If the person who built your instrument did a good job shaping the string slots,
and positioning (and shaping) the frets,
then you're most likely going to wanna adjust the position of your bridge.

here's the steps you're goin to want to take to adjust your intonation via the bridge:

1) make sure the action is good on your bass before you play with the bridge.

— any truss rod adjustment will most likely have an effect on the intonation.

2) Take a look at the bridge, and see what tool you need to adjust it.

— on most basses,
you'll see screws in the back of the bridge running parallel to the strings.
— if they are not screws, there should be a slot for an allen wrench.
(if you can't find either of these, do some research about the bridge you have.)

3) Make sure you have a good tuner. you're going to need it.

— after you plug it in, tune every string.
— after you tune every string, tune them again (make sure they're all perfect)

4) hit the 12th fret harmonic on each string: (one string at a time)

*make sure no other strings are ringing while you do this!*

— make sure the string you're checking is tuned perfectly to the note it should be.
— after that, fret the 12th sring, if it is the same as the harmonic, then you're good.
if it's not, then your intonation is out.
— if the note is sharp, the distance between the nut and bridge must be increased.
(turn screw clockwise)
— if the note is flat, the distance between the nut and bridge must be decreased.
(turn screw counter clockwise)

After you do this process with every string, then your bass is ready to go!
I hope this has been helpful.
message me for any questions.

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lesson - Adjusting the intonation on your bass Bass Tab


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