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At The Drive In — Mannequin Republic bass tabs

mannequin republic
At The Drive—In


after five or so seconds...
D|————————————————| part 1 (x4)

here's the fast riff (mostly 16th notes)
|222222—2————————————————————————| part 2 (x6)

part 1 (x4)

part 2 (x4)

here's the chorus
|6——x2———2—2—6—8—4——x0———0—0—3—4—| part 3 (x4)

bridge thing:
|2———————————————| part 4 (x4)
|———2—————2——————| (not sure about this riff)

part 1 (x2)

part 1 variation:
|————————————————| part 5 (x2)

part 2 (x4)

part 3 (x4)

part 1 (x2)

part 5 (x4)


part 1 once

x = ghost note
and / = slides

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Tablature player for this song:
At The Drive In - Mannequin Republic Bass Tab

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