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Anthrax — Inside Out (ver 3) bass tabs

Band— Anthrax
Song— Inside Out
Album— Volume 8: The Threat Is Real
Tuning — Dropped D flat (big to small—Gb,Db,Ab,Db)
Tabber: RAGUS

Anthrax is one of the greater metal bands around. Next to Iron Maiden of
Anthrax has an interesting relationship to bass, they really mix Scott Ians'
rythem guitar as if it were bass and put Frankie Bello somewhere in between
Scott and the lead guitar (they're lead guitar spot is currently filled by a
hired hand, but this song in particular has Dimebag from Pantera guesting
on guitar I think).
The only suggestions on tone I have for this track is to play with really
aggressive attack in BOTH hands during the main riff but try to loosen and
lighten up during the verse parts. And also don't forget to bang your head
like a madman during the main riff, it's soooo heavy.

I'll tab it all out in the order that all the diffrent riffs appear, but
i'm not gonna repeat them or include an order. Cause i'm lazy and if you
want to knowcover this song you should listen to it.

The beginning starts with a cool classical—type guitar intro, if you listen
really closley right before everything comes in heavy you can hear Charlie
Benante (Drums) make a kind of funny noise.

Here we go

^ ^ ^
bend the notes indicated up kind of severely

Tablature player for this song:
Anthrax - Inside Out (ver 3) Bass Tab

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