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Anouk — Michelle bass tabs

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Bass tabs

Tabbed by: Merijn

Tuning: Normal (G,D,A,E)

This is what I think it is. I have listend and that's the result. Please rate!


G|—————————|—————————|—————————| (|—————————|)
D|—————————|—————————|—————————| (|—————————|)
A|—6—6—6—6—|—————————|—————————| (|—————————|)
E|—————————|—6—6—6—6—|—4—4—4—4—| (|—6—6—6—6—|)

The tab between braquets (hope i write it correct) comes only in the chorus.

This is it.
Enjoy it and please rate! Tnx to Anouk for writing this song.

Tabbed by Merijn
Tablature player for this song:
Anouk - Michelle Bass Tab


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