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Alice In Chains — Down In A Hole bass tabs

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this song is also on Dirt, but the bass line is much easier to hear on
the Unplugged album.

Alice tunes down a half step

Guitar intro.

Verse 8x — "Bury me softly..."

Verse fill on 4th and 8th time
|——————same as above——^—^———:—————————————7—5—————————————|

Pre—chorus 4x — "Down in a hole and I don't know..."

Chorus 4x — "Down in a hole..."

Riff 1x — "I'de like to fly..."

play Verse 1x

play Pre—chorus 4x

play Chorus 4x

play Riff 1x

play Verse 8x

play chorus 8x

play Riff 1x

play Verse 2x
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Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole Bass Tab

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