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A Tribe Called Quest — Excursions bass tabs

Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Song: Excursions
Album: The Low End Theory
Tabbed by: Guus Kaandorp (koetjewahwah@planet.nl)

This track was tabbed before, but according to me the previous tab wasn't
quite right. Here is my version of Excursions. The previous version is at
the bottom of this page.


On the album the bass an octave (or two) lower. If you haven't got a
five—string bass, you can achieve that by tuning one (the E—string) or more
(the E—string + others) down, or by using an octave—pedal (I haven't got
one, but I read about it in another tab). If you feel this tab's still not
right correct me, or send an e—mail to koetjewahwah@planet.nl with your
comments. Thanks and have fun.

Previous tab:

A Tribe called Quest
The low end theory
Tabbed by Ryan West FunkadelicJedi @Aol.com


Tablature player for this song:
A Tribe Called Quest - Excursions Bass Tab


2 years, 4 months ago
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Been re-listening to this album again, so stoked I finally know the tab for this song! Excursions is one of my top 5 songs on TLET, thanks for sharing!

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