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25 Pound Goldfish — James Bond (real Thing By The Book) bass tabs

Let the horns do that two note thing bum bum then go in with open
G then do that twice then when the horns go for the last time hit
the G along with them. Then just play C1 along with the keyboard
until you here the drum fill then go to the tab below.

A 3————————3————

Play that until you here another drum fill then go back to playing
the C1 until you here the drum fill again after the song ends and
the horns do that two note fill bum bum go in with the open G just
like at the begining.

Worth trying it was gonna be kinda hard to tav so i typed it i hope
it gets approved.
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25 Pound Goldfish - James Bond (real Thing By The Book) Bass Tab


1 year, 5 months ago
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