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Any more Soft Cell

Oh my God!!! You tabbed Torch! That is in my top 3 for Soft Cell songs!!! I can't believe how easy it is to play! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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I take it you liked the tab for Torch then softcell62? Been meaning to tab that for a while so nice to finally get it done & submitted.
Torch finally tabbed, YES!!!!! I'm in 100% agreement with softcell62 about Torch. So bassm99 we Love it Also I really like It's A Mugs Game so really looking forward to that tab when you finish it.
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To all those Soft Cell lovers out there I finally got round to finishing Fun City & I completed It's A Mugs Game which I started last week! Enjoy!
PS. Thanks for the positive support for these SC tabs, it means a lot.
Yay for Fun City & It's a Mugs Game! Love em'
Oh WOW! Two great B-Sides tabbed. They are both great fun to play along to. Still loving the Torch tab! Can't believe the amount of Soft Cell bass tabs online compared to a few Months ago, amazing! Thanks bassm99, great job as always.
Oh wow Oh Wow! Are you starting to tab all of The Art of Falling Apart album bassm99?
So pleased you tabbed Loving You Hating Me, another of my most treasured Soft Cell songs.
So easy to play! Also loving the title track too! Would you look into possibly tabbing Baby Doll???
It could be happening softcell62! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
If requesting I second Baby Doll & would love Forever The Same!!
Posts: 124
I'm not setting myself a goal of tabbing The Art Of Falling Apart album in full but I'm not going to rule it out. I'm really pleased I managed to get 2 finished this weekend, glad you both like them so much. These were tabs I started a few weeks ago which is what I'm trying to do, finish unfinished tabs.
I did start working on Baby Doll a couple of weeks back so hopefully I shall finish that one quite soon. With the rest of the album I'll just see how I go as time goes on.
I'm really pleased you tabbed The Art of Falling Apart, I really love that song.

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