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Any more Soft Cell

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As Icehouse1 has asked you about Andy Taylor I'm going to ask you about Soft Cell.
I see you added Chips on my Shoulder this week. Are you going to tab Entertain Me any time soon? That would complete the debut album!
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It's been my goal to tab the Non Stop Erotic Cabaret album by Soft Cell in full. I have been stuck on 2 songs for a while now. Luckily I managed to complete Chips On My Shoulder at long last & I have made a little progress on the remaining song. So hopefully not too long to wait.
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Thanks bassm99, It would be very cool to get that final song completed. Never enough Soft Cell tabs online!!I see you did some of the B-Sides too so will you attempt Fun City?
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Hi softcell62, I will get around to doing Fun City at some point, it's on a very long list of songs I want to do
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Hey Duran Duran Fan, you could pull the song into Audacity then slow it down using Change Tempo on the Effects drop down.

When I am learning a new song, I almost always do this (though not for slow things like Edge of America). Once I get the fretting down, then I try going back to the original version/speed.
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Good advice Sid.
This song is fast Duran Duran Fan & believe me I can't handle the speed with accuracy. My playing is very limited so slowing it down is the only way for me!
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Nice to see Soft Cell tabs, especially for bass.
Good work bassm99.
tainted love by manson was better.
Tainted Love by Manson was worse. It all come down to personal taste.
I agree softcell62 it's whatever version floats your boat! In saying that my opinion is the Soft Cell version of Tainted Love pisses over Manson's version.
johnny [staff]
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The original version was recorded by Gloria Jones


It's really cool, but the soft cell version is the best in my opinion.

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