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Any more Soft Cell

i disagree. its not that i do not like soft cell because i do.. its just too soft for me. i like a bit more energy and agression in my music. so manson was my choice because he screams a bit and made it heavier
DDF your comment nailed it, Soft Cell do own it! Other may cover but will always fall under the shadow of Soft Cell, it's that simple!
Soft Cell all the way Baby!
I may be biased here, but I'm going to say the Soft Cell version is the best! I bet that's taken you all by surprise!
No surprise at all, I'd be shocked if you thought otherwise!
softcell62! Are you being truthful?
Of course he is!
YES I AM!!!! How could I not?!!! A great song from a great band.
PS. How are the Soft Cell tabs coming along bassm99?

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