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Any more Soft Cell

I was wondering about bassm99. He has a couple of John Taylor tabs pending so he is still around. Hopefully there will be more Soft Cell tabs on the way.
if anyone fancies a go on Torch here are the chords from chordify….works OK!

Torch would be cool to have.
I'm not the biggest Soft Cell fan in the world but I do like some of their songs. I actually liked the last album they made in the 80's as it was a lot darker & less electronic.
Yes bass freak their last album was very different to their debut. The music reflected what was going on with Marc at the time, a very dark place I think.
Even though bassm99 has gone quiet message wise I see he has submitted another Soft Cell tab, the final piece in the Non Stop Erotic Cabaret puzzle! Can't wait for that to be added
And now I see it's been added I'm now Entertained!
I checked sometime last year & there was nothing bass tab wise regarding Soft Cell. I discovered bassm99 through ultimate guitar as he was tabbing Soft Cell songs. Saw he was submitting to this site, thought I'd check it out.
bassm99 has gone quiet on the ug site too. Normally he blogs any new tabs submitted, but nothing in a while. He is still tabbing!
Officially a Marc/Mambas track but was released as a Soft Cell B-Side.

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