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Weather Report — Black Market bass tabs

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Song: Black Market
Band: Weather Report
Album: Black Market, 8:30, Live and Unreleased
Bassist: Alphonso Johnson (original recording "Black Market"), Jaco

Pastorius (more famous live version taken originally from "8:30", also

on "Live and Unreleased".)
Written by: Joseph Zawinul
Tabbed by: Sak

Note: This tab was derived from the Live Version featuring Jaco

Pastorius on bass.


x = mute
~ = let ring
h = hammer—on

Main Riff:


Ordinary Verse Solo:

E|———————————| (several more complicated variations)

The tougher part is not improvised but is not standardized either. On

both of the recordings and other recordings later done by Weather

Report with Jaco Pastorius, the bass part to the tougher part is

different. My suggestion is to find a lead sheet for the song and draw

your own from there. You can find a lead sheet for Black Market for

free at www.lucaspickford.com. However, it is only to be used for

educational purposes.

This recording is interesting because it is extremely easy, yet Jaco

and Alphonso (who is nothing short of a bass virtuoso himself) make it

extremely charactaristic of their styles. By analyzing everything Jaco

does in this song, one can begin to understand how Jaco made his

presence through muted notes.



Tablature player for this song:


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