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Anyone in here know anything about PA systems?

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Looking to sing in my band and play bass but I would need a PA system, ya know? Does anyone know any good ones that are loud enough to overpower a speed metal band in the 400 dollar price range?
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Bro look into Peavey or Fender's PA's I have one of each and i use the peavey for bass and keyboard and the fender for guitars and keyboard and it works wondrous
I've done a lot of playing around with Peavey gear. I totally agree with Danny.
i like peavey
This is probably an extremely dumb question: If I purchase one speaker, there's a 1/4 inch input on the back with volume controls right?
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Sometimes speakers have speakon connections too. Probably not on the volume, unless it is one with a built in amp, mixers control volume, but realistically for vocals alone you will need:

1) 2 speakers, stands, powered mixer.
2) 2 speakers, stands, mixer, power amp.
3) One of those all in ones.

You have to make sure it will be loud enough before you buy or you are just wasting your money. You may also need monitors as well.
Thanks! That's really helpful!!!
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Other thing you will have to look at is the choice between active/passive speakers. Basically active need a plug socket for power and amplify themselves. I prefer passive personally. Active may have their own volume control on the rear.
Okay cool, I was looking at an active Peavey speaker. I'll just go to my music store and see if they got something like it and look at it before I get one
My dad was nice enough to put a Behringer Xenyx 1002B mixer on layaway for me. It was 50 bucks used, 43 bucks more and it's mine! Now I gotta get a speaker…

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