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Why are there so many approved tabs that are wrong on UG and Songsterr?

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10 years ago
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I have come across several tabs on these sites that just are not even close. Maybe i'm listening to a newer version of a song or what, but it should at least be in same key. So now i am tabbing Angel of Harlem by U2 because i cant find one that is correct. Maybe I am AR but i want it to sound right.
while i did not make either of those tabs let me say… not every tab is 100% its someone taking the time to listen to it and play it out in some cases. this site is also meant to be a collection of bass only tabs. and you could just say thanks. if something sounds a bit off use it as a guide line and adjust it a little bit to what sounds right to the ear. but i gotta ask now how many tabs have you submitted? and to be honest while i cannot speak for everyone i don't care if i see a tab that is on another site. so long as the person who made it gets credit. even if they take a tab from here over there. works both ways. its meant to be a repository of tabs. especially if the tab is done right the first time. you can sit and redo the entire tab and it will come out the exact same anyway. otherwise your issue of not finding a proper tab gets worse because then everyone has to put their own twist to make it different.
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I have just started tabbing and have a few done. I am very thankful for everyone that takes the time to post tabs. It just sucks when you find a tab for a certain song and its not close. Guess its better than nothing right?
i hear you at the same time lol it can be a bit frustrating. i tried the tab and you mentioned. its uh… kinda close lol i dunno what to call it. more of a it gets the job done if needed.
but it beats having no idea what to play at all
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Yup I agree with both of you guys. As on the tabs its always good to re tab those songs so that people can play them
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New Angel of Harlem on the way. Guess it better be correct with all the bitchinglol
lol yes. if you made this thread then you mess up a bass tab oh boy imma be all over you like white on rice
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There will always be approved tabs that are wrong on many tab sites. There are probably one or two in here, some do slip through the net
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Im sure you could find mistakes with mine as well. I just don't get why someone would take the time to submit tab if its not close. However a partial tab is better than no tab. You guys calling me out to tab has forced me to try and nail the song and not just get it close, so thank you.
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You do realize it's how people perceive things, right? Some of your tabs might be wrong, why are they accepted on here?
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I'm very thankful for everyones hard work, being I'm a new bass player…and starting very late useing my ear. The tabs are great for start for someone like myself. I wish I had the talent as you guys of developing the tabs.


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