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Going fretless

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I've been thinking of getting a fretless bass for some time now. I think I have okay technique when it comes to neck fingering (though not stellar) and playing a fretless bass just looks really interesting to me. Is it hard to pick up? What's some cool stuff that you can do on a fretless that you can't do on a fretted bass? What about lined vs. unlined?
johnny [staff]
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I've tried a fretless once and it was really hard for me.. I'm used to fretting in the middle of the frets but on the fretless you have to get it exactly right. I've played an unlined though, but I'm guessing lined is easier if you don't hear yourself so good.
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I went to the instrument store and tried some out, with the unlined I pretty much don't know what the hell I'm doing lol, but with the lined I can hit the notes, I just gotta look at the neck a lot. Slides are really fun with a fretless
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I'd love to give a fretless bass a try but having seen what Mick Karn could do with one I think I will gracefully decline.
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I'd like to try a fretless bass as well, but it would definitely need to have the lines indicating frets.

To play a fretless without the lines would require a good ear (able to hear when you are sharp or flat, even a wee bit) and lots of experience travelling a bass neck, so you'd sort of instinctively know how far up or down the neck you needed to travel to find the note you were after.

But you can get cool sounds and transitions on a fretless (based on recording I've listened to) that you can't get from a fretted neck.

Best of luck, and let us know what happens!

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