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Songs that do not use the low e string

Alls well that ends well. Merry Christmas
Happy holidays everyone. Gonna have a few Christmas Eve beers with a aspirin chaser. And listen to one of my favorite Christmas tunes. Greg Lakes I believe in Father Christmas. And Jon Andersons album 3 ships. Good stuff. I might even listen to Flight of the Moorglade from Olias of Sunhillow and To the Runner. I know call me crazy. All the best to you players out there…
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Belated Christmas wishes and all that , gave myself a couple off days off from the internet to concentrate on some serious drinking :-p

Anyone get any Bass/music related presents ?

Got nowt in that department but was well pleased to receive a new pair of Converse , DM's and Bourbon from my kids

Myself and Mrs Mog are off to Malta at the end of Jan for our present to each other

Now back to the boozing
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I got Kenney Jones' autobiography, drum related I admit but I do like a good autobiography
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I don't use it when playing The Trooper by Iron Maiden or Hold the Line by Toto.

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