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Epiphone rock bass.

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SO.. anyone used one? its listed as a jazz bass but i assume it plays other stuff well. friend of mine that owes me some cash offered me his black one for 50 bucks. im thinking i should take it since its technically made by gibson. any insight??
Twiggy will definitely want in on this one. Good luck buying one for $50.
Epiphone has the Thunderbird and Gibson has the Explorer. Same style. Gibson may produce Epiphone however. There is a used thunderbird in Vancouver,B.C. For sale for $300
its not a thunderbird. its an epiphone rock bass. made in the late 80s and untill 99. and i already got it. lol
id also like to add


because the ad there tho its a cpl years ago says 375. i ended up paying 40 dollars at the end of the day
No, the Thunderbird is the Thunderbird no matter what. An Explorer is a 6-string guitar if I'm correct. And still, a Firebird is the 6-string guitar version of the Tbird
The Gibson Explorer came in bass and guitar versions. Either way. Gerrrr, that's a pretty good score.
What I meant was that you said an Explorer was the Gibson version of a Tbird, it's not. But whatever
You are correct linkin. Thats what i meant, but didn t know the explorer was a six string as well. They both look the same.
so i ask about a epiphone rock bass and you two jack my thread to talk about a totally different instrument? really?!?!?! lol im kidding im not mad… but check out the rock bass n tell me what your thoughts are. it has a bronze saddle. its a string through the rear BASS which is cool. has a thumb holder too lol.

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