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I've never seen any mention of Led Zeppelin on this forum, and it seems strange that a band of such magnitude has been overlooked, John Paul Jones is an excellent bassist as well as an all round musician
The tab for In My Time Of Dying would be great. Well, actually the whole Physical Graffitti album tab would be good
I do really recomend you to play ramble on, is one of the best works of the band and the bass is the main instrument

all led zeppelin II is worth full to learn to play, and it's a master class of how the bass lines should be
Jorge I've played through their 2nd and 3rd already. What Is And What Should Not Be and Heartbreaker were my favorites
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Battle of Evermore and Kashmir do it for me
Black Dog is my jam. Love the song.
Black Dog and Kashmir were also great! Black Dog was the first Zeppelin riff I learned
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Whole Lotta Love is a classic but it's a cover of a cover, Willie Dixon wrote You Need Love for Muddy Waters and The Small Faces covered it with You Need Lovin, Zeppelin were Small Faces groupies and if you listen to the Small Faces version you can tell that Robert Plant modelled his voice on Steve Marriotts
I remember last year some kid told me I didn't know what the @$!# I was talking about, he's the one who told me they were a pop group from the 80s!!! Yep, one of the first metal bands was pop
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Lots of people i know love them, some i know don't, but you can't ignore them
Lets face it. The guys in Zepplin are gods.

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