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I was thinking ( I do that sometimes)

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What about a mobile interface ? What do you guys (especially the admins but the others too) think about it ?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
KissyBoy is preparing a design for a mobile friendly responsive version of the website. I hope we'll have it ready soon!
I'd love that!
TheDude [staff]
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I was thinking
we need to make sure this becomes a violation of the rules around here.

This site works great on my Blackberry z10
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Galaxy S4, no problems
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
most high end phones will display the site just fine, but you still have to scroll around an awful lot. what we're working on is a responsive design made especially for phones, so that you can browse the way you're supposed to on a phone.

BBT treats are coming!
Works fine on the iPod touch 4th gen as well. Less scrolling would be nice though. Lets hope this works.

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