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Who's your favorite bassist and why?

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Hey BassmanBen98, great reason to liking Duff mcKagan. Hard enough playing his stuff sober!
Hard to say just one… Geddy Lee, Stanley Clarke, Chris Squire, and Les Claypool. Many more, however those are the influences that molded my style.


P.S. I would say Flee, however every time I hear him play I want to cut off my hands - Unreal Stuff!
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Geddy Lee- because he is an awesome bassist and sings.

Roger Waters- same as Geddy Lee. Awesome bassist and sings.

John Paul Jones- because he is not just a great bassist, but also had to keep up with the best drummer ever; John Bonham.

Also Flee and John Entwistle are awesome bassists.
hmm. les claypool
Christopher Wolstenholmes (Muse)… the way he plays is like Blues, Rock, Funk, and Electronica all in one!!!!
well…. to get right down to it. my favorite bassist would have to be me, because im awesome
lol random comment now due to a double post. dunno why it did that tho.
bass freak
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Self praise is no praise! For me Peter Hook from Joy Division + New Order. Simple but oh so effective!
every bass player should be the best player in their own eyes, extreme confidence is good. so long as a person does not become cocky. however i agree with joy division being a huge influence
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nikki six, need I say more

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