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Simple bass lines for beginners

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10 years ago
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I am looking something to get more practice on the bass. Any suggestions?
A simple tab for beginners is Smells Like Teen Spirit. Another one is Come as you are. both by Nirvana of course.
Any ramones song really, and a favorite of mine is Do You Still Hate Me? by Jawbreaker
oh and check out my tab for the old X-Men cartoon theme song the bassline to that is really simple and great for helping to build up speed
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“Seven Nation Army” White Stripes
“Killing in the name” Rage against the machine
“Heart Shaped Box” Nirvana
“Hit the City” Mark Lanegan
the beginning of the scott pilgrim bass battle its very simple and is good for building speed it goes
And you just repeat it.
the song “Garbage Truck” by Sex Bob-Omb played by Scott Pilgrim is pretty simple.
Someday by: The Strokes. hope you like it.
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Theyre all good suggestions but personally I'd go with the White Stripes, Nirvana and Scott Pilgrim to start with then,in no order;
cannonball by the breeders
miracle by the foo fighters
territorial pissings - nirvana
peaches- The stranglers
Dont come around here- Tom Petty
Bitter end- Placebo
If you want me to stay- Red hot Chilli Peppers
Somebody I used to know- Gotye
Try Money by Pink Floyd, it was the first bass line I ever learnt and it is fantastic and catchy.
E- 2
A- 2 2 0 2
D- 4 0
G- 4

have fun! x

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