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Starting out with playing bass

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Hi there,
I've been playing bass since Feb 11, my other half has played guitar for longer than I've been alive and he taught me basic frets, plucking, strumming and stuff like all along the watch tower and spinal tap.
He then taught me to read tab.
Since day 2 I have read and played tab. I am currently learning slap bass which is great fun and have also progressed to an electric acoustic.
It's practice, practice, practice really!!
I have an encore bass which I picked up for £65 and use a basic small amp. My encore is a small bodied fender precision replica in black, called Eric .
Experiment with different types of pulling, bending, slapping and plucking/strumming.
You will love it!!
Best of luck!!
Spector Basses are the best way to go Tone is off the chain lows are insane. And For an amp I like Ampeg. I play an SVT 450H Head it has a very warm sound. But for just starting out Fender Rumble 75W or the 100W and a Fender is good. A Thunderbird is also good and costs way less than most basses.
As far as Amps are concerned I have personally had a Gallien Kruger and now mainly use a Fender Bassman (Mexican) I did have a Rumble but it failed under warranty..but a good starting amp would be a Roland 30W Cube bass amp, I brought one a coupla years back and is so easy to transport and you can compete with drums even.
Bass's themselves can be a bit personal with what you like the look of versus the cost and sound output. Start 2nd hand maybe.
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I love my Mark Bass. Easy to carry but plenty of power.

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