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The introductions thread!

TheDude [staff]
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long live johnny!
Quote: cirruSWRpeg, it's a delight to see someone else on here who plays a five string. Welcome to the club. I may be buying a 5 string Tbird for 250
Get one. It will change your life.
Hi! I'm 13 and I've been using this site for 3 months. Um… I like to sing, play the bass, play clarinet, dance, play keyboard and life save!!! I love the bass because of its sound!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the only one in my class who plays the bass!I hope to have so much fun playing more bass tabs!Bye bye
Well that's funny. I'm the only guy who plays bass in my school.
Hey what's up I'm Johnny (like the guy who runs this site but not as awesome as him ha) I've used this site a lot recently but only just signed up for an account just the other day and thought I'd pop in to say hi so… hi.
johnny [staff]
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hey man, good to have you
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I've just remembered I haven't done this so here it is :p
My first name is really Youri, I'm French even thought I have (for some reason) a Russian name
I speak English fluently and own a 4 string bass
I will soon be 16 and I play in a funk rock band
I listen to everything that is rock and metal
And I try to be active on the forum because this site is awesome
Greetings everyone! Been playing bass for 3 years, in a cover band currently (working on originals now) and played for another one previously, I play rock, country and metal and would like to jump into the wonderful world of rhythym guitar soon.

2 years ago I started rebuilding/refurbishing mistreated and worn out guitars and selling them to beginners and old hats alike in my local area but i own and continue to play the first one i ever rebuilt.

Hardware, sound and FX whether analog or digital are my specialty and expertise over the course of the last 3 years, and im still expanding my knowledge everyday!

“Apply yourself, there is no limit of accomplishment while you have the drive to do it!”
Hey forum

John here. Been bassing for a few years now and playing out for about 6 months. Wow is this fun or what? Always wanted to play with a group and just make music. Oregon seems to be the place to play music there are musicians everywhere! I started a bit late I'm 50. Better late than never

Hey, I'm relatively new to this forum and bass playing itself but I considet myself good enough, to take the job of helping absolute beginners with tipps on playing bass. If you're new to playing bass and have any questions, feel free to write a message to me.
John, Bass>Guitar, Angelo, welcome to the forum.

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