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Amp Watts???

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11 years ago
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I'm deciding between a Gallien Kruger MB12 (500 Watts) or an MB10 (200 Watts). Obviously the 500 Watts cost more $$$ but I'd like to have the better Amp. I only play alone or at a friends house (who has a better amp). My question is; Should I shell out the extra $ for the 500 Watts? Or is 200 Watts enough?
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Hey Rastamon,
I'm not sure what products you are asking about as I was not able to find an MB10 or MB12 at Musician's Friend or the Gallien Krueger web sites, but I think you are talking about a combo - amp and speaker in a single unit.

I haven't used a GK combo, but I use an MB500 (500 watts) to drive a 1x15 and 4x10 stack, and I have more power than I need. Based on that, I would guess that 200 watts will be entirely satisfactory for your purposes.

Some additional thoughts: if you are talking about a combo unit, I think speaker size (diameter) is as important as amp power. Bigger speakers produce more powerful and lower sounds - bigger speakers are better in my opinion.

I did notice that GK now has a combo with four 10“ speakers - the MB410, which also has a 500 watt MB amp. The MB410 is more expensive than either of the ones you are thinking of, but you should consider the MB410 if you have any plans/hopes of playing in a band. You could add cabinet with a 15” speaker down the road and then you would have all the stack you would likely ever need. You would need to make sure that you can add a 1x15 cabinet to the MB410 - which I could not find out at Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, or the GK web sites.

Hope that helps you! Cheers.
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Great feedback and it stresses my dilemma. 200watts are probably enough for now but if I plan to play in a band a couple years from now, I'm wondering should I go the Stack route instead of the Combo.
I'll check out the speaker size too…good point

Here are the 2 amps on Amazon;


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Both the amps you mentioned are combos. The MB210 has a 500 watt amp built into a cabinet with two 10“ speakers (a 2x10, hence the 210 designation). The MB115 has a 200 watt amp and one 15” speaker.

The MB410 combo would give you two thirds of a full stack - a 500 watt amp and a 4x10 cabinet in one unit. I think you could later, if you wished, add an extension cabinet (e.g. a 1x15). However, I am not positive you can run an extension cabinet off the 410 - my experience says you could, but I can't find any info to confirm that the MB410 comes ready to drive an extension cabinet.

The MB410 runs about $150 more than the combos you are thinking about.

If you are interested in the MB410, you should contact GK and ask if you can connect an 8 ohm extension cabinet to the MB410.

I bought a combo (120 watts and a 15" speaker) my first go round. I subsequently went through several rounds of upgrades in equipment. I would have saved money had I just bought a better, but more expensive, rig the first time out.

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Ok, I'll take a closer look and consider my options…Appreciate your advice
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I started with a 100w unit but once I started gigging, I went up to a 300w one. IMHO 500w is too much if your playing at home but might be needed if you are playing out with a loud band.
If you are playing in a small club, bar or resturant…watts is not that important. Good tone and a good balance between all band members is what is important. My last gig i used a peavey head, and a hartke 1-15 cabinet, both guitarists used a 60 watt fender and a 60 watt line 6 amp…even balancing everyone with the drums and P.A….halfway through the first set the Cops came in with a noise complaint from the surrounding neighborhood.
Most bigger venues I have played at usually have a backline of amps already set up through the house P.A. and want the bass player to either go direct, or use the house amp, .

Also…always go to a gig with a good direct box…there's is always a chance that your amp will die for some reason or another, at least you can continue on through your band's P.A. system.
I am happly gigging in night clubs with a GK MB115. I know some hardcore bass guys who have a big amp head and a stack…they are really cool but are really heavy and bulky. The MB115 is a peice of cake to haul and set up and and in most cases a small amp with the volume at 50-75% sounds better than a big amp set at 20%. If you get to the point you need that much volume your band will be running everything into the PA anyway. I suggest you pick the amp up and cary it across the store before you buy anything. Sound is the most important thing but you can easily find a light weight amp that sounds great.
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Yeah, I just checked my friends Guitar Amp and it's only 75Watts…Sounds much louder than that so I think I'll get the 200Watt Amp and just buy a Peddle or something with the $$ I'll save.
Appreciate all the feedback…Very helpful
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Wound up going w/ the 200W Amp. Seems loud enough…True test will come on Thursday when I play w/ a Drummer for the 1st time.

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