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What's your favorite song right now?

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Baby Blue (Badfinger)
Quote: Mine is Orion by Metallica. I am a new bass player; I got my bass late last year. I was in Guitar Center playing around with the basses last weekend, and I think I was using an Epiphone Thunderbird when I started playing one of the bass parts to Orion. That's when one of the employees at the desk turned around and said, Dude, that's my favorite Metallica song. I feel so accomplished. Btw, Steve Harris and I have the same birthday, which is in two days. I love Tbirds. There's not much of a difference between an Epi and Gibson though and it's not heavy at, neither is the neck dive.

I loved the Thunderbird, but I would prefer a bass with 22 frets at the very least.
I once saw a tab for a Kings of Leon song that had a 21st fret. There's no way that's possible because Jared Followill plays a 20 fret Tbird. People should know what they're tabbing
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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right now caramelos de cianuro its a ltain rock band from venezuela theyre awesome i like them
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Lithium and Snow White Queen
Lithium by Nirvana? Awesome song
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no Evanscence
Lol alrighty! Don't tell me it's a cover of Nirvana. Hahahaha
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no good no. haha its got amy lee written all over it dude. great song and the tab just got posted. take a look
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Team by Lorde

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