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J vs P..... GO!!!

I play a Fender Aerodyne Jazz.It has the advantage of both J and P pickups, plus the slimmer neck of the J bass. Best of both worlds, in my opinion, for what it's worth.
Yeah, Frank Bello plays one of those and he has great tone. Well for me I like P basses just becuase they're classic. Tons of my favorite bassits use them. For example: Duff Mckagan, Mike Dirnt, David Ellefson(before he got his signature Jackson).
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i always wanted to replace the bridge pickup on my J with P pickups,i never liked the tinny sound of that pickup anyway. one day i will do it,has anyone else done this?
The P bass is basically fatter sounding over all, because the pickups are totally different, and also there is a lot more wood in the neck. You can see it when you look at the two basses together…

But I think the Jazz is more varied because it has more tonal options, considering you can solo the two pickups.

I'd go for the Jazz Bass.
i play a P-bass coz i love that fat heavy sound but i am thinking of gettin a J-bass in the future
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P bass all day long, I've owned both and I think the Jazz is a bit thin on tone, however, I've built my own bass, its a cross between a Stingray and a Jazz. It has an Ash Stingray shaped body with through body stringing, two Stingray pickups and active tone boost and a Jazz style neck with rosewood board and MOP block inlays and my own headstock shape and logo, It sounds Awsome
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neither the body and headstock are too big i play a Magnum

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