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Black Metal or Death Metal?

johnny [staff]
Posts: 1003
So what are some of your favorite death/black metal bands?

Early In Flames are the shit in my opinion

after lots of years, this song still gives me goosebumps for being so cool
I'd have to go with At The Gates or Carcass
Please forgive me but this is something I know nothing about.
It's all good. This realm is more of an acquired taste. Not everyone likes this stuff, but like I say it all a matter of opinion.
Thanks for the explanation Bassguy1.
Sure thing. Good example of Death Metal is Killswitch Engage.
Killswitch is definitely not death, they're Metalcore. And another example is Reign In Blood by Slayer. Loudest, most unorganized blaring death metal in 27 minutes you'll ever hear
They still qualify under Death Metal. Melodic Death Metal to be exact.
dayum, killswitch engage actually IS metalcore, sorry Good example of death metal is: Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Pestilence, Asphyx, Grave etc.

Technical Death Metal anyone here??

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