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This claim came up in another thread and I was so shocked I decided to give it a thread of its own. The worst part is, the person who made the claim is into…. wait for it…. MARILYN MANSON!!! Worst band ever!
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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And for the main event tonight its MArko vs Linkinpar232, here on bigbasstabs.com get the exclusive in our forum.

NOw for the worst band ever that'll be any popstar from the 2000's
Marko's comment is spot on! Even at their very worst REM eat a lot of other 90's bands for breakfast!
Also REM were originally an 80's band!!!!
So not only was the original description of REM in the other thread BULLS**T it was inaccurate too!
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This is going to be a cracking thread & I don't think we are going to see too many people agreeing with the thread title.
Marko1960 - Can't fault your statement, totally spot on.
DANNYBASSMAN93 - There could possibly be a main event stirring but hopefully not.
lovetheeighties - Another spot on statement.
Though REM were an 80's band they really hit the big time in the 90's but even so they didn't lose any quality with what they released. Just very inspiring, uplifting music!
bass freak
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Though I respect the Marilyn Manson fan to his opinion about REM, he don't like them, we get it. But worst band regardless of the decade? Holy F**k batman! You have to laugh at just how stupid that statement is.
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HAHAHAHAHA! Just garbage! I'm not the biggest REM fan in the world but I have so much respect for them for what they have achieved.
Worst Band? Get real man!
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I personally love REM. Another 80's band of true quality that carried well on into the 90's. They are very much missed but we have a fab back catalogue to enjoy
NO!! REM is one of the countless bands that my dad raised me on, and he has the best musical taste ever! They are a far cry from being the worts band of the 90s! I agree with DANNYBASSMAN93, the pop music today that's “good” is the WORST music ever! At least REM could sing without autotune, and write their own songs! I would venture to say that the author of that comment doesn't know jack sh*t about music, and what real talent invovles…

Just my opinion, not trying to step on any toes.
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I was never into REM, but I wouldn't call them a bad band. Just not a style I liked.

When I was in college in the early 90s (sniff), it seems like everyone was into REM.

Even now, my 12-year-old son's favorite song is End of the World by REM. And I don't encourage it. I try to make him listen to the Beatles, Rush, The Police, Fleetwood Mac. And through all my efforts, he still found and connected to an REM song. *sigh*
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Wow this is gonna be a treat to see unfold. i don't know what to say lol. i don't mind REM overall not the biggest fan but they are not the worst lol and Marilyn Manson will hahaha i am a huge fan of him and his Bassist Twiggy well god just look at my name. but neither are the worst.
so this will be fun to see where is unfolds
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REM are no where near the worst band to exist, the original comment is utter rubbish!

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