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Thank you

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Wanted to say a big thank you to DANNYBASSMAN93
for a tab he posted. big thank and amazing job

What tab was it?
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Nice! I don't know what this means to Danny, but I know that when I go to the effort of tabbing a requested song, a thank you means a lot!
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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i want to cry right now .. lol well thanks bro and you know any time you need it im here to help oh and the tab was the last one i posted i actualy liked the song it was christina perris a thousand years its actually a beautiful song to dedicate a loved one
Posts: 624
oh it was a big thank you. i just started tabbing songs and i am really NOT the greatest. my first tab was not good at all and i wanted to play this song more then anything and i could not find it or anyone to tab it and through luck i met DANNYBASSMAN93 and he tabbed the song for me in like 30 mins and he did an amazing job and it is a beautiful song and he is offically the first Bass Player to post this song so all you dudes out there that our part of our Bass World, you can thank DANNYBASSMAN93 for the tab to play for your loved ones

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