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Guitar or bass?

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I prefer guitar so much over bass. Guitarists get solos, they always sound cool no matter how simple they are. Bass solos are just tacky sometimes. There's also a lot fret movement on guitar, you're always moving. On bass that's not always the case
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Well bass thats why we are all here isnt it?

I started on guitar but when i picked up the bass because we didnt have a bassist i enjoyed it so much more and have been playing it since.
I just like keeping the groove of the song.

Your guitarist thats why you prefer guitar
Im a bassist thats why i prefer bass

And this is the BEST bass tab site on the net….
I play bass in 2 bands. I just play guitar for the hell of it. This is a bass website. Isn't it? I mean that's the only reason I'm on here, I'm a bassist obviously
bass freak
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Posts: 461
PS. I even love Synths more than I do Guitar!
Describe synths
johnny [staff]
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My primary instrument is the guitar and I have a lot of years of head start on it. I like playing it more because I'm better at it than at bass. Hopefully one day I'll get to play bass equally as good.
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