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Modern country bass tabs

I've been thinking about doing some stuff like Jason Aldean or Tim McGraw but I just don't feel like country would be much fun to play. That's just me. I like the genre, just wouldn't play it probably
You have to enjoy what you play. That's the beauty of music. We all have our own tastes. I was a rock and roll guy for years. Got in a bad car accident with head injury and listened to nothing but country since. Go figure. I love it though. Just the story telling I guess.
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i agree. like i am a rock musician. i was raised on country in the beginning but i am an old school John Caffetry and the beaver brown band rocker and you will never hear me listen to rap and enjoy it. never. so if i was to venture out and became a rapper it would be a total fail. the simplicty is the beauty of music is what makes you as a musician what you are
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Country is usually not my first choice when it comes to selecting something to listen to, though there is a fair amount of country music that I like.

One of the really good things about country music bass lines for the aspiring bassist is that it can teach good transitions from root note to root note and for key changes. The tempo is often slower, giving the space to make nice, melodic transitions.

In lots of faster music, there are no transitions, just a jump from the ‘and’ following beat 4 to the new root on beat 1 of the next measure.

It is worth playing country music just to learn how to make smooth, melodic transitions.
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For country all you need to know is the root, fifth, and octave. BOOM! nailed the song. That applies to all country songs. (joking of course. Sort of.)

I believe you should learn all styles of music. You never know what you discover that you can use in your own stuff.

I'm going through your forum and don't see much on Reggae. I don't particularly listen to reggae much, but learning the bass style is sort of something you can't experience in any other genre. The relaxed timing of the bass in reggae is more of a feel, than something you can teach yourself technically. Then you hear someone like Geddy Lee incorporating a reggae inspired riff in his song, and your balls drop.
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hahaha xd your balls drop right to the ground

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