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What's new (and exciting)?

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10 years ago
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I'm not sure how many of you have noticed, but I barely get on here anymore. Not that I don't like it here now, I just have other things going on right now.

After being out of school for a while (I'm 22), I decided to start college, and really do something fun and exciting with my life. My goal is to try and make it as a fine artist. So, that's what I have been doing the past couple of months, busting my butt on studying and homework. I'm currently majoring in Art, and it's very exciting for me! I'm looking forward to where this takes me!!

What's new for everyone else?
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Nothin really. Just got new strings, was playing a 2 string for a good 3 weeks
I think you'll find a lot of people have periods of time away from the site due to everyday life circumstances. At least yours sounds fun & exciting, doing something you want to do.
Everybody come back eventually when time permits.
bass freak
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Second that lovetheeighties! Sadly nothing new & exciting going on with me.
Not alot…… Just working on cranking out songs with some heavy duty tapping solos, and posting on the greatest bass website known to man. Oh and inching close to High School graduation night. May 19th and I will be set loose upon the world. All will soon know the devastating awesomeness that is Bassguy1 Muh-hahahaha!!!
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Not much new on my end. Oh, good luck in your studies!!

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