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What one song do you think should be cut from a band's set list because you're sick of hearing it?

I'm pretty sure The Doors died off years ago. I think they're brilliant
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“Good Time Rock & Roll”
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This has nothing to do with a set list, but I'd be alright if I never hear the song, “Let it Go” ever again.

I took my daughter to a birthday party for 7-year olds that had a karaoke DJ, and I heard that goddamn song 8 times in a row sung by a bunch of small girls with no concept of tone or timing.
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Also set list unrelated but something I would love to never ear again in my entire life - every Oasis song.
Mark what's Let It Go?
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Mark what's Let It Go?
Clearly we have identified the next generation gap.

Let it Go is that awful song from the movie “Frozen.”

I have a 13 and 7 year-old. I am a treasure trove of useless cartoon trivia.
Oh. Like everyone has seen but me and they act like I'm crazy. I think I'm just too metal for childish movies like that, besides Cars! Lol
Anything by Pink Floyd

I give them credit, but damn, I just can't handle the acid anymore. Two notes in and it's goodnight for me.
Hahahaha I love Pink Floyd
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They need to destroy every recording of “Heartbreaker,” “Rock and Roll,” “Stairway to Heaven” and “Living Loving Maid.”
I love Zeppelin but i hate those songs so much!!!!
I guess radio stations don't seem to be aware of the fact that Zep has any more songs than those four.

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