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Of course, I will try to help with tab requests - that's what this site and community is all about - but I am nowhere near the musician Danny (or LoudLon) is, and I will not be able to fill the void of Danny's absence.

And I have my own list of songs I'd like to learn.

The best strategy, really, if someone wants to figure out a song's bassline, is for that person to learn to tab. If you have the ear to tell when the note you're playing is right or wrong, you can tab. I am sure of it. If I can, you can!
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No pressure then Sid
bass freak
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Sid doesn't know pressure, he thrives on it!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Sid, you flatter me. I mean, yeah, I'm good – no sense being modest about it – but I'm not DANNY-good. And like you I have my own selection of stuff I want to tab.

That said, I'll help with the requests, if it's something that interests me. But that's a loaded comment, because there's not a lot of stuff on the request list which does. Sorry, and no offense to the person who requested them, but when it comes down to filling a request for Five Finger Death Punch versus creating my own tab for “Big Train” by Mike Watt, Big Train's gonna win ten times out of ten.
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Agreed, LoudLon. If I don't like a song, or sometimes even the video the artist tied to the song, I don't tab it. Too many good (IMO) songs I still want to tab.

Linkinpark can do the 5 Finger DP style tabs

And you are good, at playing (pretty sure of that though I haven't heard you) and tabbing. Cheers.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Hey guys im not leaving the site till May so ill be here till then btw im still posting tabs but not taking requests i have o catch up with requests sent to me this year
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oh ok good your staying
TheDude [staff]
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that's great news danny!

but prepare to be abused like never before, now that we know that you have an expiration date on this site
Danny, I really hate it that you're leaving, but I completely understand, and I fully support you in your decision. You have had a HUGE impact on this site, and you are respected greatly by us all. I want to thank you for supporting me, and everyone else here. Thank you, also, for all of the tabs you've submitted. Your name will definitely not be forgotten here! I hope that eventually you'll decide to come back, and hang with all the cool kids once more.

Until then, I wish you the very best of luck, and have fun!! You will be missed, my friend.


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