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Opinions on the Peavey Headliner cabs?

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Looking to get a 210 or 410 Peavey Headliner bass cab and an Ampeg head. Does anyone have any experience with the Headliners and if they're good quality?
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I've always played Peavey amps, but all combos, I've got a 100 watt Marshall aswell but it's my 1975 Peavey TNT 150 which is my mainstay, it's simple, solid and bomb proof. If you get two Peavey 4x10s that are loaded with Black Widows you can't go far wrong and the Ampeg SVT head was the amp of choice for 90s Rockers
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You'll want the 410. If you get the 210 - irrespective of brand - you will later acquire the 410. Save some money in the long run by going straight to the 410.
Alright thanks guys!

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