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Just wondering if I should sell my guitar amp and play through bass amp

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I'm wondering if I were to sell my guitar amp and get extra money for another guitar, could I get good tone from my bass amp? I use a Fender Rumble 100, it's got a lot of EQ options if you know what you're doing. Would the amazing solo from Seek And Destroy on guitar kill my amp due to such high frequencies?
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I have heard many a guitar player likes using a good bass amp (and the Rumble qualifies IMHO), because the sound is how you say, raw. With the equalizer, you certainly could shape the sound you seek. I have a 150, and though I haven't played a guitar through it other than my Jazz, I like the sound variety the amp delivers. There are a wide variety of opinions out there about equipment, especially amps. I personally have found the Fender products deliver what I am looking for. If I played guitar, I would definitely try playing through a Rumble.

I would recommend getting a bass amp. Before my school got one I killed 10 of their 15 guitar amps. Guitar amps aren't designed to handle the low frequencies that a bass produces. A bass can handle a guitar as well as a bass because it is designed to cope with the difference in tone between the two.
It won't kill your amp man. I've had a guy do pinch hramonics on my bass amp on the 24th fret on his guitar for 3 hours straight. it held up fine.

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