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I don't think anyone is rating tabs

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there is only a right & wrong way in how fair you rate a tab & you do it as honestly as possible.
johnny [staff]
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I've posted this in some other topic as well but I'll paste it here too:

63.4% of all tabs are rated.

The average rating for the rated tabs is 4.00881.

The tab that has the most ratings is Califorication (http://www.bigbasstabs.com/red_hot_chili_peppers_bass_tabs/californication_bass_tab.html) with 445 ratings.

However if I divide the number of times all tabs have been rated by the number of views of all tabs the number is very very low only 0.4%, which means that you need at average at least 200 views to get a single rating.

But the average view counter for tabs that have at least one rating is 868. For tabs that have exactly one rating that number is 453.
bass freak
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That gives us an idea of what is going on rating wise.
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We shall just have to monitor the situation of ratings over the next few weeks and see if things improve
I often wondered if people did rate tabs. I guess not.
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Tabs get rated but not as often as we would like
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How are the ratings going?

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