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Good funk artists to play along to?

I play a lot of RHCP myself; but Marcus Miller and some old MOTOWN stuff is funktastic. Dont judge for a sec, but some old Jackson 5 can get funky too. Been getting into a hella more MOTOWN, Wild Cherry (Play that funky music), Brick House by the Cammodores. Dont ge me wrong, I bust A LOT of flea outta my bass but some of the old funk is gnarly. This is coming from a “Metal Bassist” that was groomed on Slayer, Zombie, Pantera, Megdeth, Metallica and Maiden in the 80s and 90s.
If you havent already, check out Scott Devine's site, channel and Lessons too. He comes from Funky background.
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wild cherry kicked soooo much ass dude

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