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Bass recommendations

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Please post below what bass (in your opinion) would be best for an intermediate player. I looking for something that has a beastly mid-range,a thundering low-end and a not so subtle top end. (no squire basses please, played one of those they SUCK). Budget would be between $300-$2,000.
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That's quite some budget, for two grand you can afford a MusicMan Stingray, Gibson Thunderbird, Fender Jazz, out of those three the Stingray meets your requirements best, that big Humbucker is legendary and if you go for the 3 EQ model you've got all the tone you need. Also check out what Ibanez and Yamaha have to offer and a second hand Rickenbacker 4001 is within your range which is where I'd be looking
I hate all Fender basses (but love the guitars) so I won't recommend any of those. Gibson Thunderbird, there's a lot of awesome ESP LTD basses, Dean, Washburn 5 string, and of course the Stingray. I'm glad Marko mentioned it, great bass. Never owned one but have played one
Yeah, a Stingray 5 string would be a great choice. Warwick streamer 4 strings are $439 @ Guitar Center.

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