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Is this a good idea?

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I think that it would be beneficial to include youtube links to your cover of the song in your tab if there's any confusion on lines. I know that not everyone could post videos however it'd be great. I'm doing covers right now and when they're posted, pasting the link into my tab for the song. Anyone else think that'd be good?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1004
That's why there's a youtube button in the tab submit form! - it is a good idea!
Yeah I do. I'm starting to make cover videos of my tabs too. What I've done is post my video in a comment on my tab.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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linkinpark232 is GENIUS!!
This is a great idea!
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
yeah, adding a youtube video just makes a tab so much more valuable!
linkinpark232 is GENIUS!!
Agreed Danny, agreed.
I never even noticed that youtube button. Hahaha
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1004
It's fairly new, maybe that's why

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