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Hammer & Pull help?

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Hello everyone in this beautiful community, I'm relatively new to bass playing (about 4 months) and I know how to do hammer and pull but when I do it, it just doesn't feel very smooth to me. The Internet doesn't give good enough tips. Thanks for any incoming reply about tips & tricks!
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Are we talking Hammer Ons and Pull Offs as opposed to Slap and Pop
I had no clue what pulls were until I learned the riff to Too Fast For Love by Motley Crue. That will easily help you. Hammer ons took me awhile to realize what do. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson uses hammer ons 98 percent of the time. Those two songs will help you get off the ground of hammers ons and pull offs
Posts: 3139
When you hammer on, slap the string against the fingerboard to get a note, pull offs aren't just a case of pulling your finger off the string, you have to pick the string as you pull off with a sideways movement. If you were talking Slap and Pop, check out Louis Johnson on YouTube, he invented it and he's still the best
I may have said it a bit rong, sorry ^^. I know how hammet on/pull of works I rather searched for tips on how to do it better and smoother. But thanks I'll try the songs.

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