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Easier Maiden or other classic bands to help me with playing with fingers?

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Anyway, don't limit your playing by just listening to Metal and Thrash, I know that's what you're into but as a player it's important to have a wide range. I played a tune the other day when I was just noodling about, I hadn't played it for years and it's not that difficult but when I'd finished I thought, Jeeez that was a workout and realised that the outro riff was an excellent fingering excercise. The tune is, Jacobs Ladder by Rush, it's at a nice pace and easy at the start but there's a big Synth break in the middle and then the guitar comes in with this riff, then the bass starts back up and builds up to joining into the riff, next the guitar and bass are going Hammer and Tongs playing the same riff. While I was playing along at this point I started to notice it was hurting just to keep up, it was just a walking line based on a scale, but it bounces backwards and forwards and changes from 6/4 to 7/4 and back with each bar. Give it a go as a two handed excercise, it'll bring you're speed on no end
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I take my hat off to Steve Harris. Oustanding bass player, totally in awe of his style and of Maiden!
I take my hat off to Steve Harris. Oustanding bass player, totally in awe of his style and of Maiden!

Yes! He has some great lines!
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He makes me tired just watching him! Not a fan but admire his musicianship.
If you want to have a fingering-picking style foundation, start of with some easy going Rock n' Roll/Hard Rock. Like AC/DC, James Gang, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones. Then progress to harder bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Who. And finally Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, and so on.That way you build stamina and strength in your fingers.
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Good tip Fredrick
bass freak
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Not a huge Maiden fan but have a lot of respect for them & you have to admire the playing ability of all the members, especially Mr. Harris.

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